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They’re Texting During Dinner. Dad’s Reaction Is Absolutely Perfect

Dad Asks His Son To ‘Pass The Salt,’ But He Won’t Stop Texting

They were having a lovely family dinner until their sons whipped out their phones. Rather than sit idly by as his sons continue their rude behavior, one father decides to take action in a hilariously brilliant way.

This short was written, directed and produced by Matthew Abeler, and even stars a few of his family members. It was the recipient of the Best Comedy Award at the 2014 Five16 Film Festival, held at University of Northwestern St. Paul. Besides being humorous, the short reminds us to put down our devices and spend time with the people who matter to us.

Texting at the table has become something of an epidemic in recent years, but there are a few simple ways to prevent this behavior. Aside from insisting that everyone silence their phones out of common courtesy, there has been a movement where people put their phones facedown in a pile on the table to prevent any distracting glowing lights from stealing your attention. If eating out with a group of people, you could even provide an additional incentive to keep everyone engaged in the conversation at the table by turning the practice into a wager, where the first person to reach for their phone picks up the check.

Watch how dad retaliates to being ignored at the dinner table, and share your thoughts about his strategy in the comment section below. If you have any other ideas about how to keep the dinner table texting-free, let us know!

Source:sfglobe Matthew Abeler’s YouTube Channel, Matthew Abeler’s Blog, and Matthew Abeler Media FB

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