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Mom Keeps Texting Son After He Passes Away, Then She Suddenly Gets A Text Back.

Taylor Thyfault texted his mom earlier the day he was killed during an intense car chase while on duty. She was aware that he was helping out at an accident by the message she received which read: “I’m at an accident at highway one and highway 66.” Worry flooded her heart instantly, because deep down she knew that this was not a situation she wanted him to be around. All she could think about was how much she loved him and was hoping he would make it out alive. To her deepest dismay, he did not make it out alive – her son passed away after a tragic accident. Yet through it something out of the ordinary happened.

A way for Taylor’s mom to grieve was to continue sending him text messages even after she knew he passed away. She would send messages saying how much she loved him and what was on her heart. She never expected a response at all, but had a sense of relief doing what she use to do when he was still with her. One night after sending a longer text to let him know how she was feeling, she got a response that shocked her. Someone had been receiving all of those texts without responding to her until then.

The response was one that seemed to be heaven-sent. The person who sent it was someone who happened to know her situation, and even beyond that, knew her son and cared about them. When the two figured out who each other was, they could hardly believe it. Watch this amazing story in the video below…


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