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Dog Sitter Filmed This While Owner Was On Vacation. She Had NO Idea THIS Happened In Her House!

When mom and dad’s away, the sitter and pup will play!

That’s exactly what happened when the parents of this adorable Whippet named Skylar went on vacation and left their dog in the care of their hysterical pet sitter, James.

James decided to videotape their human-canine adventures and call it “Dog Story Of A Man’s Best Friend,” and it’s nothing short of amazing.

The laughs! The emotion! The tears! The love! LOL!

I think it’s great that he had so much fun with his role as temporary guardian and made this mini-movie to commemorate the special times these two shared together.

If I was Skylar’s parent, I’d love to see how well my baby was taken care of while I was gone.

Watch the awesome video James the dog sitter made with Skylar the Whippet while the owners were away on vacation on the next page!

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