10 Extremely Strange Body Modifications-3D Tattoos

Number 5. Salian inflation or better known as bagel heads.

The use of say lean inflation or some sort of medicine that I put underneath the skin has been used for years to go for medicine and stuff like that. Just recently it sprung up into the community in some places in the world as an actual body modification. What it does is pretty much what you’re injecting the saline and the person pretty much puts his hand puts his finger in the middle of the person’s forehead.

Well the inflation is happening to create a sort of donuts or bagel effect around the specific area in which you want to create this effect on your face literally.

This is well accepted. It’s a normal thing in some places which is freaking unbelievable because it looks absolutely terrifying. I saw someone with these bumps and these Bagle looking Indian on my head I would run as far as I could away from that person before passed.

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