10 Extremely Strange Body Modifications-3D Tattoos

Number 7-Satanic body modification.

That is right. There is actually such a thing Satanic body modifications and guy goes by the name of Kane from Bogota Colombia wanted to look more. Able to pay tribute to the name Kate. Yes. And there’s a lot of history behind the name Kane. Apparently it’s very esoteric and evil. I don’t really know much on it but the people who do. Well then there we go. However this guy wanted to basically look more evil to suit his name I suppose.

So you guys can see from these pictures. Kane has a lot of different evil sort of piercings. He’s got subdermal implants on his forehead. Looks like he possibly has horns.

The creepiest part about this is he even slipped out parts of his nose so that it was more slanted to look more demon like. Yeah. I apologize to the people who are extremely creeped out about this because I really don’t like looking at it. It’s just so strange what people do to themselves even in the sense of them wanting to look more evil just because of their name.

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