10 Extremely Strange Body Modifications-3D Tattoos

Number 9-Twins

So there are two twins in this world that goes by the name of Ryan and Dave both Ryan and Dave are absolutely crazy about body modification from stretching tattoos piercings whatever. They love them but they want something extra extra ordinary something that hasn’t really been done before. Basically what I wanted to do was to attach extra limb to their body. Yes. Ryan Dave’s right surgically attached to his right pictorial muscle. Of course Dave is an amputee but Ryan in exchange give him half of his ring finger for his left hand. So Dave now has a Frankin finger Holy shit. Yes that’s right guys. Honestly this guy gave up half his right finger so that he could get his brothers right. What sort of a trade is that. Honestly if you look at his picture you can see that he has his brother’s right arm attached to his body

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