10 Extremely Strange Body Modifications-3D Tattoos

However there are people out there who love to express themselves. Well just a little too much and have some absolutely ridiculous ways of doing so. So they’ll be going over an extremely insane body modification.

Number 10-3D tattoos

Yes,Extreme 3D tattoos. No I’m not talking about a tattoo that looks 3D. I’m talking about a tattoo that is literally three dimensional. Yes there is such a thing. Take a look at these pictures right here.

The way the person gets this done. What happens is they gets a tattoo of whatever they want. In the area of the tattoo that they want to make 3D. Basically they get a subdermal implant underneath the tattoo underneath the area that they want to raise up and down subdermal implants. It’s basically a piece of jewelry that gets put underneath the skin. And it raises the area that you want to be raised. And basically this jury allows the skin to heal over creating a 3D raise look of it. If this isn’t crazy. I really don’t know what it is.

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